We Need Your Support!

Please Consider a DONATION to Help Our Small But Mighty Pottery Studio!

The Wortendyke Studio, located in an historic train station and Pullman train car, is a continuing oasis for so many aspiring, experienced, and lifelong students of pottery.  The studio welcomes everyone: children and adults, experienced and aspiring students, and people of all learning abilities. In many ways, it is more than a place to create and study pottery making — it is a community of support, encouragement, and growth.

Working with clay allows us to produce pottery, but it also allows us to quietly contemplate our lives through creative expression, and come together in a meaningful way.

We are struggling in the pandemic and need your help to keep up the good fight!  Please consider contributing whatever you can and know that simple words of gratitude could never be enough to say thank you.  All contributions will be used toward our monthly bills to keep the doors open — including electric, water, pottery supplies (clay, glaze chemicals, etc), mortgage, property taxes, and building/property maintenance.

We need to keep going so that when we can all come safely back together, we will.